An Android audio mod that doesn't take up half your storage. We work on providing only a 100% tested modification that is checked with a dissassmbler.

DTS Eagle

Android Port

Still a work in progress, our aim here is to provide a fully working port of DTS Audio's Eagle and Headphone:X technlogies for all Android devices.


House Chaser

Developed at a #WINsiders4Good event, this site was in partnership with Dot Dot Dot to provide low-cost housing, where tenants service back the community.



The first build of Android Pie to the Nexus range, released days after the offical AOSP pie-release branch. Now an example for those who wish to accomplish the same task.



I stream on both Twitch and Mixer when I play with my friends. I personally enjoy MMORPGs and play a few FPSes, as well as Fortnite.


Linux Kernels

Primarily for Android devices, I build optimised kernels for devices me or my friends' own. These tend to run much smoother and are more efficient that the stock ones.